Gaming innovations in the casino industry

Entertainment has always been a big part of the busy lives of everybody across the globe. The casino industry is one of the many providers of fun and games to customers that sometimes, keep them running back for more. This constant need to satisfy customers keeps the casino industry on their toes regarding their games and ways of interaction between customers and the games they enjoy. With that, online casinos have become a popular option for customers allowing them to enjoy all the bells and whistles they enjoyed at an on-site casino. There are even sites that review and recommend online casinos now, like Japan-101, where everything from bonuses to the wagering requirements are stated and explained. While there are some aspects of the experience missing like the ambience, online casinos have brought unique benefits to the gambler such as being able to enjoy any game, anywhere and anytime. Additionally, casinos want to stay at the forefront of innovations and here are some ways how.

VR and AR

Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented reality (AR) are one of the trendy innovations in the casino industry. Customers seek more immersive experiences. They want to dive into the depths of the game and almost feel part of it which is why VR and AR have become a necessary innovation for casinos. In India, VR games are becoming popular fast. These technologies are slowly but surely becoming popular with accessories such as VR headsets. AR provides a 360-degree view of casino games putting the gambler at the centre of the game world. Net Entertainment are notable mentions in exploring the VR space with a slot version of Jack and the Beanstalk. With more gambler outcry for VR and AR games, this is an area we will see more games soon.

Better slot games

Casino games on the internet have become too many to count. The variety of games has extended to lengths that most casino players cannot keep track. Part of the reason these games are gaining popularity is because of gamification of several online games. The current generation of gamblers grew up on video games and would love those emulated in casino games if they are to draw their interest. Casinos have stayed ahead of the game by creating games with video game aspects like level ups, bonus symbols, 3D graphics and mini games. It is not enough anymore to have a bare minimum slot, casinos must gamify their slots for the new breed of customers.

Play anywhere

With 4 billion mobile users globally, the world is ready for online casinos. Casinos have an opportunity to reach more customers across the globe that were not accessible in the past. With portable devices like laptops, mobile phones, tablets and smart watches, casinos are taking advantage by creating games and applications that cater to these devices. The greatest advantage is that customers can now play at their convenience from anywhere rather than spend time and money moving to an actual casino. While the experience is not totally the same, inventions such as VR, AR and live games are bringing it as close as possible to the real deal coupled with a variety of games exceeding those available in brick-and-mortar casinos.

Cloud gaming

The cloud has been around for a couple of years mostly for document and image storage but is now being extended to other purposes. The cloud is eliminating the need for big amount of storage on devices and on disks. Gamblers can merely stream a game they want to play without the hassle of needing large amounts of hard drive space to store the actual game. The cloud does that for you and its space capacity is expansive. Clouds also eliminate the need to carry games. It makes your favourite games accessible anywhere at the touch of a button.


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