Is a Guitar a Good Present for a Child?

If you want to buy a gift for a child, the gift of music might turn out to be the best present they’ll ever receive. It is possible to purchase guitars in all sizes nowadays, so you should easily be able to find a guitar that the child will be able to hold. 

Don’t expect a child to take to the guitar straight away and become the next Jimi Hendrix overnight, and putting pressure on them to learn won’t make the experience enjoyable, but if they do manage to figure out some chords for guitar songs, then this new hobby will have lots of benefits. It takes patience, passion, and discipline to become a good guitarist, and these are good habits we all would like to see children get used to. 

Playing the Guitar as an alternative to Screen Time 

Children nowadays seem to be around screens a lot. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, television, or computer, it may seem that kids are often glued to these screens. Too much screen time can have a devastating effect on a child’s mental health including:

  • Causes sleep deprivation, not just in children, but in people of all different age groups.
  • Can be one of the main causes of obesity when children just laze around the house, staring at a screen.
  • It can cause vision problems.
  • Due to the lack of activity and staying in the same position for long periods, many children complain about aches and pains, especially with their back and neck.
  • Children often find it difficult to interact with other children and adults.
  • Outbursts of aggression and mood swings are common amongst children who spend too long on screens. 

The guitar is a great alternative to watching YouTube or playing games on a device. Learning a musical instrument, especially a guitar has a long list of mental and physical benefits for a child.

This year is a perfect time for a Child to Learn the Guitar

Unfortunately, the Covid-19 virus is still spreading across the world. Many businesses have been forced to close, experts advise us to practice social distancing and wear masks. The pandemic has been especially tough for children. In some areas schools remain closed to help reduce the spread of the virus and others have opened but under strict Covid-19 guidelines. Most children are not allowed to go and play with their friends.

Lots of parents have been forced to homeschool their kids, which has proven for many a very difficult task. Keeping children entertained while they are cooped up in a house is also very difficult. 

However, purchasing a guitar for a child during the pandemic might prove to be a great idea. Nowadays, there is an abundance of guitar tutorials on YouTube and other websites to help your child learn without leaving the house. There are plenty of online music stores, selling all types of guitars and any other equipment such as strings, plectrums, and capos that your child will need. Shopping online for a guitar will reduce the risk of contracting the virus because you can request that the store deliver it directly to your house. In the past, beginners needed to buy books with chords but are now widely available online. You can easily find your favorite artists’ songs on the internet that allow you access to U2, Oasis, Blur, Bruno Mars, and adele chords

Many students who feel pressure when learning the guitar, often give up. Learning from home allows a child to learn how to play the guitar at their own pace will make playing and learning very enjoyable. 

Having this spare time is an opportunity that your child might never have again in their lives. You may feel regret in the future if your child doesn’t do something productive during the pandemic. A skill like being able to play the guitar will bring some positivity from a negative situation. 

Private Guitar Tutorials Online

With many music teachers unable to give music lessons in person, they often offer their services online which is in many cases just as effective. Issues like tuning might prove hard to teach over the internet, but there are plenty of guitar tuners in case the guitar doesn’t have one installed already. There is also a wide range of applications online that will help a child tune the guitar, and there are many videos on Youtube that will let the child listen to the sound that each string should sound like. The same problem goes for replacing a string. Teachers would normally show a student how to take off and put on a string in person, but thankfully there are many videos uploaded to Youtube on this topic. 

The downside about learning the guitar with a teacher online is that sometimes the audio on the device might not sound good. If the internet connection is not very slow, or the quality of your speaker or microphone on your device is not up to standard, there is a strong possibility that your audio will be compromised. To fix this problem, you might have to replace some of your audio devices and change your internet provider. 

Health benefits to Learning the Guitar

When you think about a child learning the guitar, you probably think that it will be a nice hobby, a great way to keep them entertained and that they will be able to play some nice music. This is true, however, there is plenty of other benefits when learning how to play the guitar such as:

  • Discipline: Learning the guitar takes discipline. This doesn’t mean that you should force your child to learn at a certain time throughout the day, to become a good guitarist it takes a lot of self-discipline which is a vital lesson in life for a child. 
  • Exercise a child’s brain: The child will need to use their brain to help them focus and they will also need to memorize chords and strumming techniques. 
  • Helps a child boost their motor skills: When a child learns how to play a new sport, they improve their hand-eye coordination. Learning the guitar has a similar effect. During the early days of learning the guitar, every child will struggle to do complex movements required to play the guitar well, but after time and lots of practice, they will improve. 

Learning the guitar gives a child a chance to gain new tools that they will be able to use in the real world. 


If you purchase a guitar for a child and they don’t seem interested in learning at the start, be patient. In many cases, it takes years until the child decides they want to learn how to play. 

When buying a guitar, don’t cut corners by purchasing the cheapest guitar in the shop. These cheap models are often very difficult for beginners as the action of the guitar is far from the fret. Children will find it difficult to press their fingers down on the strings. Even experienced guitarists struggle with these guitars.

Many children find it difficult to express themselves. Lots of children find it much easier to express themselves through playing musical instruments. Experts claim that children suffering from ADHD find it very enjoyable to express their emotions while playing the guitar. 

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