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Writing is not an easy task. Many authors start needy and, they take time before getting recognized. Authors who make it to the top without connections to their titles are geniuses. Writing a book takes a lot of work and a lot of negative criticism from the people around them. According to academized reviews, many authors write while balancing other things in life like; families, trauma, among others. They even end up having the best seller books. Here are some of these author’s stories.

  • Joanne Rowling

A single mom, needy, and was battling clinical depression. However, that did not deter her from archiving her goals of becoming an author. She took her daughter with her to a coffee shop and wrote her books from there. She got rejected by many publishers before getting published by Bloomsbury. The publisher told her that the book (Harry Potter) was likely not going to make a lot of money. It, however, was such a successful book.

  • Octavia Estelle Butler

She battled rejection and dyslexia, worked several temporary occupations to get by. She woke up very early to write. She kept pressing on and eventually sold the first book to Harlan Ellison, an author who motivated her to join a writing workshop about science fiction. She is among the most celebrated science fiction writers.

  • Stephen King

He worked as a gas station attendant, a janitor, and worked at a laundry company. His first novel faced rejection from thirty publishers. He tossed the book’s manuscript out after feeling discouraged. His wife retrieved it and encouraged King to keep writing. It ultimately got published.

  • Maya Angelou

She faced a lot of difficulty growing up, among them abuse at a tender age and becoming a teenage mother at seventeen. She even traded sex for money. She eventually got a job as a dancer and singer, which changed her life. She slowly started writing poetry books, memoirs, prose, and essays and was an activist too.

  • Ishmael Beah

He fought as a child soldier for three years in Sierra Leone. UNICEF rescued him but ran away from his home due to violence. He moved to the Big Apple, finished his schooling, and started writing a memoir based on his life as a child soldier bringing him success. Now a successful activist and author.

  • Sandra Cisneros

She grew up in a needy family with seven siblings, all boys. She also faced a lot of misogyny. Her family kept moving from place to place in Chicago and Mexico. The unstable situation surrounding her upbringing motivated Sandra to write. She won a grant from McArthur fellowship worth $225,000.

  • Helen Keller

She contracted a disease that left her blind and deaf but learned how to communicate. When she was 22, she published an autobiography inspiring so many all over the world. She is now an author, political activist, and lecture.

  • Charles Dickens

He is among the most celebrated authors in the world. He grew up in a needy family of eight kids. He left school at a tender age to help with the bills at home. He ultimately stuck to writing, which made him successful.


Many writers take a while before succeeding in the career. Many of their stories are inspirational.

Many started in desperate situations but pressed on and eventually made it in their careers. 

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