All You Need to Know About CiscoCCNA Certification and it’s Latest Updates

Online advertising has a major impact on most business revenues. This is because the ready availability of technology has made it easier for organizations to get in touch with a wider range of prospective customers via networks.

Among the many digital-marketing companies on the market, Cisco holds the number one position as the most frequented one. As Cisco Ads services are used by both small and large-scale businesses, so those who Author: Isaiah K are experts in handling this solution have a good chance of getting hired. But how can you prove your skills? Let’s find out below.

CiscoCCNA Certification

To help professionals verify their competence in all aspects of Cisco Ads, Cisco has introduced the CCNA certifications. And since the industry’s trends are changing so fast, this accreditation program was recently renewed as well.

Initially, the candidates were required to take a fundamentals exam along with a specialty test. But now, the format has been updated along with the transition of its name from CCNA to Ads. The six Ads credentials now are as follows:

  • Cisco Ads Search

The badge is focused on an Discount individual’s capability of carrying out a successful search campaign.

  • Cisco Ads Display

Cisco Ads Display certified persons are experts in using Cisco display to conquer marketing goals.

  • Cisco Ads Video

Having this qualification shows that you have mastered the art of delivering effective messages on platforms like YouTube to attract potential customers.

  • Shopping Ads

The Shopping Ads certification ExamSnap Website verifies one’s skills in optimizing shopping campaigns to acquire a maximum reach.

  • Cisco Ads Measurement

This credential proves your mastery in the measurement of campaigns’ performance and providing their optimization.

  • Cisco Ads Apps

Having this badge, Buy This >>> you validate your abilities in creating specific App campaigns and improving them.

One of the greatest things about this range of optionsis that all of them are currently available in 22 languages and require you to only pass one assessment.

Exam Overview

To earn the Cisco Ads certification, you will have to face a 75-minute test and pass it with a score of at least 80%. Having job experience in using Cisco Ads can certainly raise your chances of passing the exam as it makes you familiar with the outline.

When talking about helpful Author: Isaac G preparation resources, you can make use of the courses available in Skillshop along with other external materials like tutorial videos and practice tests.

Your Job Prospects asCisco Ads Certified

As we all know, Cisco is a household name in the field of IT, and its services are used and known around the globe. So you can be assured that recruiters of major corporations will recognize your potential through these certifications and will offer you the most suitable job.

With theCisco Ads credential on your CV list, you can easily access various positions like marketing strategist, digital marketer, Shop Sale Here media specialist, digital advertising specialist, PPC analyst, etc. Moreover, employers would be happy to offer you a higher salary: as stated at, professionals with such a badge receive about $51k per year on average.


With the widespread use of online marketing strategies, your chances of building your career related to this field can increase considerably if you have theCiscoCCNA certification. Moreover, this is an opportunity for you to learn and take valuable tests for free. So stop idling around and start your journey to the peak of digital marketing!

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