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Playing and making music is one of the most enjoyable hobbies there is. There is something magical about picking up an instrument and creating music, writing lyrics, or singing your heart out. Music has the ability to cross barriers and borders like nothing else on earth. It is a language that we all understand, regardless of where we are situated in the world, and it has an amazing ability to bring people together.

Think about when you attend a music concert. You are there, along with thousands of other people, all to enjoy a couple hours of music from your favorite performers. This ability to bring people together in such a way is only equaled by sports.

Learning a music instrument is a great thing for children, as it teaches them many other aspects that will serve them well in life. As well as being a tool for improving coordination, it can also help increase concentration levels and teach youngsters to stay focused on something for a prolonged period of time.

Though it’s never too late to learn a musical instrument, it is something that is open to everyone of all ages. Children as young as one year or less have the ability to pick up objects and bang them about – similar in some ways to playing the drums.

So if you want to encourage your child to learn music, then you will need to consider which musical instrument will be the best one for them. Depending on the age of your child, you will want to give them an instrument that they can properly hold and handle, and not something that is either too cumbersome or complicated. The last thing you want is for the child to lose interest after a few minutes.

A keyboard or piano is a great choice for youngsters, as it is something that is very easy to use. Simply press your fingers on the keys and sounds occur. The piano is a very good instrument for children to learn, as it combines many different musical elements such as rhythm, harmony and melody. There are not too many other instruments that can do this.

A guitar is another popular instrument for children, though you will need to make sure that you get one in the correct size, as the positioning and holding of a guitar can be a little tricky for youngsters, especially if it’s not a child-sized instrument. You can find lots of information about guitars and other string instruments at As with the piano, the guitar is very easy to use and simply plucking the strings or strumming them will create sounds. Gradually over time, you might want your child to learn about chords and maybe even read music, but at the start, it is an instrument that can be a lot of fun.

Drums are another great choice of instrument for youngsters. Which child doesn’t like to pick something up and bang it? If your child likes that, then selecting a junior drum kit could be a smart move. Another added bonus is that if you are worried about neighbors complaining about the noise, you could take a look at an electric drum kit, which is much quieter than a regular drum kit.

For very young children you will find various plastic toys and instruments in your local toy shops. These can include things such as tambourines, plastic trumpets and other “brass” instruments, as well as mini guitars and keyboards that have a limited number of strings and keys, but which can still be used to put a tune together.

One of the most important things concerning children learning a musical instrument is to let your child choose the instrument that they want to learn. It is all very well having dreams of your child being a piano-protégé, but your child might prefer a set of drums to a piano. Let them have an input and you might just find that they will take learning the instrument of their choice a little more seriously than if you force a specific instrument onto them to learn.

If you see that your child is serious about learning a musical instrument, then you should speak to his school and see if they are able to help with music lessons. Otherwise, you might want to look around for a local music teacher who can provide private lessons for your child. Music is such an important learning tool for children, that many times they see it as more of an enjoyable activity than a form of education. And getting kids to learn is never an easy thing, so if they show an interest in music, it’s something you as a parent should really try to encourage.

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