Why Your Pinterest Strategy Won’t Work on Instagram

Pinterest and Instagram are two of the most scalable traffic sources. Advertisers spent $21 billion between the two sites over the past year. https://goread.io/buy-instagram-followers

They are both great for marketers that want to grow their brand by sharing visual content. Unfortunately, the similarities pretty much end there. The same strategy that works well on Pinterest is likely to fail on Instagram, as many successful Pinterest marketers have discovered the hard way.

 A number of marketers have discovered that Pinterest marketing is one of the fastest ways to build traffic. It is possible to generate a steady stream of quality traffic within a couple of months if you use the platform consistently. Many Pinterest marketers are encouraged by these results and assume that they can scale their success by leveraging the same content on Instagram. Even some veteran marketers wrongly believed that they would easily double their traffic by sharing the same content on the new platform.

Sadly, things are never that easy. Although Instagram is an Image and video sharing platform like Pinterest, it is very different in a number of other respects. You need to understand why your Pinterest strategy won’t work as well there and what steps you need to take to modify it. The biggest reasons are listed below.

Followers are far more important on Instagram

In the early days of Pinterest, you had to make building you’re following a top priority. Content would only be visible to your own followers, so it wouldn’t go viral unless you had a large number of followers.

A few years ago, Pinterest made a couple of major changes:

  • They introduced an internal search engine. This enabled Pinners to discover content from accounts they had never engaged with before.
  • Pinterest changed its algorithm to rank content based on overall engagement. This meant that your ability to create excellent content was far more important than the number of followers you generated.

 You can be very successful on Pinterest without spending much time at all building followers. The founder of Anastasia blogger, a top Pinterest marketing coach, created a new website and Pinterest account last year. Her new Pinterest account only has 6,400 followers, but she is making several thousand dollars a month from her Pinterest traffic alone. She points out that she didn’t spend any time at all learning followers. She wouldn’t have had anywhere near the same results with Instagram, because she wouldn’t have even been allowed to embed links in her posts.

Your following is critical to your success with Instagram marketing. Unlike Pinterest, your follower count influences the ranking of your content. Also, you can’t include direct links in your Instagram stories until you have earned over 10,000 followers or gotten a verified account. Getting a verified account isn’t as easy as it sounds, especially if you are an agency have different websites in different niches. This is why it often makes to buy real Instagram followers.

 The bottom line is that you need to make earning followers a priority on Instagram from day one.

Instagram is better suited for brand marketing instead of performance marketing and traffic

Pinterest is arguably the best source for quick traffic. You can start seeing a trickle of traffic in a week and a steady income source within two or three months. The conversion rates are also stellar. One study found that ecommerce sales from Pinterest were 3.8 times higher than the average of other marketing channels.

Unfortunately, you can’t get quick traffic with Instagram. As stated above, you need to have at least 10,000 followers before you can start adding links in your stories. Since it takes so long to get enough followers to earn the privilege of including links, you will have a hard time getting enough data to optimize your clickthrough-rate by the time you finally can start linking to your own site.

Does this mean that you won’t get any value from Instagram until you have earned 10,000 followers? No. However, your focus needs to be different. Since you can’t link directly to your content, then you will have to use Instagram for band marketing instead of performance marketing. You can focus on using Instagram to build a strong brand, so you can increase the conversion rates from other traffic sources. 

Audience demographics are different

The demographics of Pinterest and Instagram are starkly different. Instagram is pretty representative of the general population, while Pinterest tends to skew younger and more female. An estimated 71% of Pinterest users are female and 56% are adults under the age of 34.

You need to be mindful of your audience when creating content for either platform. Your Pinterest content might have taken off if it was geared towards younger women. However, you may need to tweak your Instagram content to be more gender neutral and make it appeal to different generations.

Instagram is more geared for mobile marketing

Neither Pinterest nor Instagram caters strongly to desktop users. However, Instagram is virtually entirely focused on mobile traffic.

If desktop traffic converts better with your marketing funnel, then you’ll probably see better results with Pinterest. The difference probably won’t be massive, but you will notice a difference in conversions.

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