5 Things to Know Before Travelling to Cuba

Cuba has been gradually becoming a popular destination for travelers over the last few years.

But when you first travel to Cuba, it can be very confusing with its two currencies. There are many other things that travelers don’t know about it. For them, we have gathered a few practical tips that will actually help travelers to enjoy their time in Cuba.

Undoubtedly this place is an infinitely fascinating country and different from many other countries you have traveled. So if you are planning to travel to Cuba for the first time here in this article, we have collected the things you should know before entering Cuba.

1.      What You Need to Travel to Cuba

To enter Cuba, you have required a valid passport and visa. When you are traveling to Cuba, the required tourist visa is known as a tourist card that allows you to stay for the 30 days in Cuba. So if you are planning to visit this place and looking for the companies that provide Cuban Visas, you can visit https://www.visacuba-online.com/. They offer online services. You can complete your Visa application form online. An online visa application form is straightforward and simple and only takes a few minutes to complete. They usually take five working days and then directly sent to the candidate by postal mail.

2.      Perfect Time to Visit Cuba

The best time traveling Cuba is from December to May when you expect sunny, dry days, and plenty of blue skies. Whereas the wet season starts in June so I suggest the visitors that you should avoid travel to Cube entirely between August and October when there is a risk of cyclones.

3.      Book Accommodation in Advance

When you plan to visit Cuba, it is better to book your accommodation in advance. If you are thinking about searing an affordable property to rent after landing, it is not a great idea at all. It can be time-consuming and challenging to walk from place to place. Also, many websites do not work in the country, and you can face severe challenges regarding accommodation.

4.      Do You Know Cuba has Two Currencies

Unlike your country, Cuba has two currencies which most of the time, make the travelers confused. You can use both currencies, but the value of both is different. CUC and CUP are the currencies used in Cuba. The first one CUC is used mainly by tourists, and you can pay for almost everything you purchase with this currency. The other is a CUP used by the locals and also to pay for public transportation.

5.      Most Places in Cuba Don’t Accept Bank Cards

Paying your bills with a bank card can be a nightmare in Cuba. Once I booked a gateway for days to Varadero with a tourist desk, and it took almost two hours to pay for it with a bank card.

Most hotels in Cuba don’t have card machines, so your bank card gets imprinted on a paper, and the transaction is confirmed with the mobile phone.

Also, banks do not answer the phones so it will be much better if you go to the nearest CADECA to take money out.

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