Buzz Cut Styles to Consider in 2020

Before we show you some of the coolest buzz cut styles in 2020, allow us to go down the history lane, in the 19th century Serbia. You might be asking why Serbia. Well, it was here where the buzz haircut came from. Do you know why? A barber called Nikola Bizumic owned a barbershop and he is the guy who invented hair clippers. As such, men could shave their hair very close to the head and faster.

In the following years, all barbers across the world were using hair clippers and it is at this time when the buzz cut for men became quick common, though the term ‘buzz’ originally came from the US military. New recruits were shaved their hair completely to keep lice at bay and also keep soldiers cool during hot summer months. By the ‘70s the buzz haircuts were a mainstream and by 1980s there were more and more variations of the buzz styles which were popularized by rock stars as well as politicians. And we can see why. Buzz haircuts are quite easy to style and maintain and that is all men want. Here at MensHaircuts we have compiled some of the best buzz cut styles to consider this year.

  1. The Butch Cut

The haircut is ideal for men who do not like extremely short hair. The hair is maintained at ¼ inch all round by the help of a #3 or #4 guard. If you want to add some fun in your butch cut, you can taper your neckline and the sides.

  1. The Induction Cut

It derives its name from recruits joining the army as it is the shave they get upon joining. The induction buzz cut is the shortest and is ideal for men who like keeping near to bald hair. There are no guards used while creating this buzz, ensuring no notable amount of hair is left.

  1. The Brush Buzz Cut

The hair on the top of your head is cut to a length of ¼ to ½ an inch. This buzz cut allows you to achieve a hard taper. After attaining the right length at the top of your head, you can proceed to taper it from there downwards. The hair on top is then brushed up, giving a spiky and adorable finish.

  1. The Burr Cut

It is the next from the induction cut. Very little hair is left, but not almost bald. The barber will achieve it by using a #1 or #2 guard on the clippers and use it on your entire head. The final finish will be a rough texture with a young attitude. You can add some style on this cut by giving it an edgy touch.

  1. The Crew Cut

This cut has a very slight difference with the burst cut. To differentiate the two, the crew cut leaves longer hair at the front, making it look more formal. This front hair can be styled differently using the side or backward combing.

  1. The High and Tight Buzz Cut

The high and tight buzz cut is a version of a short fade that guys can almost not go without. It includes leaving a ¼ to ½ inch of hair on the top. The hairstyle is ideal for men who love showing their scalp as it involves shaving sides and the back into bald.

  1. The Ivy League

It is ideal for men who cannot go without their long hair intact. The hair at the top part is left at a sizeable length, and the barber uses the highest guards available, usually #7 or #8. A fade is given from the top going down, and the hair left is enough to create a part.

  1. Caesar Buzz Cut

It is inspired by the Caesar cut, only that the barber uses a guard to make the hairstyle. Long hair is required to make this look successful. The barber has to use a guard from #5 going up to shave your hair all around. The hair is then combed from the middle to the front, sides, and back. A small fringe is made at the front to create this look. It is an easy to maintain hairstyle and is ideal for men who do not like showing skin.

Source: MensHaircuts

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