6 CBD Vape Juice Flavors You Must Try in 2020

As vaping becomes an increasingly safer and effective means of delivering essential cannabinoids into the body, its popularity continues to surge upwards. Consequently, vape juice quality and flavors are increasingly becoming apparent, precise, and of a considerable variety. This is due to a large number of individuals engaging in a vaping process on a regular basis.

Individuals love being independent and unique in every way. Similarly, vape juices have to be unique and be able to match your preferences. For instance, if you love the relaxing and comfort inducing fragrance of mint, a peppermint flavored vape juice will be convenient for you compared to a fruity or pineapple flavored juice.

However, one must always exercise caution when purchasing vape liquids. If you are willing to get and examine any vape juice, then it is essential to determine the quality of vape juice at CBDfx or any other store before making the purchase. It will ensure that you carry not only your favorite flavor home but also the best product on the market.

Here are the topmost vape juice flavors for you this year:

1. Tobacco

People who love to smoke find it hard to switch from smoking cigarettes to vaping CBD juices. A tobacco flavored vape juice might be the only way to make sure they are able to make this transition. Besides, smoking has a vintage attachment to it, which makes it suitable for individuals with a rustic edge to their personalities.

Tobacco flavored vape juices have the right amount of CBD in its mix. Also, it comes with the right nicotine content to help you fight against bad smoking habits. Besides, when vaping, this type of flavored tobacco juice expects to release more significant amounts of vape clouds with each puff. However, it may not have that sweet hint that most cigarettes boast of but delivers on all the other fronts.

2. Coffee and other stimulant-like flavors 

Coffee and other stimulants keep you up and highly active. If you desire a vape juice that ensures proper work concentration and less fatigue, then select a vape juice that has a coffee flavor. The pure smell of ground coffee on your vape pen brings you home, and the memories are demure, happy, and quite engaging.

The vape juice flavor can help you quit taking excessive coffee. When in the office and require more concentration and a way to get rid of the fatigue, instead of a cup of coffee, you can vape coffee-flavored e- juice. Vaping the juice makes you more relaxed, active but also helps you sleep after the day’s activities due to the presence of CBD in it.

3. Mix Fruit 

Fruits can have a delicious hint to it but can also be revolting to others. If you love fruits, especially a mix of each here and there, then selecting a fruity vape juice flavor might be to your liking. You can conclude to search for a passion, strawberry, mango, or even pineapple flavored vape juice at any time of day or night.

Once you puff a fruity vape juice, nothing else will matter except the various flavors exploding on your tongue. The blends of fruits take over, and the feel of it is not only engulfing but quite catchy too. The flavors can also be welcoming, especially if vaping at home and friends come over, and there is no need to stop your vaping routine.

4. Menthol  

Menthol is one of the flavors that can be therapeutic in many different ways. For one, it is useful in relieving blocked sinuses and other flu symptoms. When you rub menthol to the skin, it helps relieve pain and also has anti-bacterial tendencies. It creates a fresh environment and produces huge vapor clouds. Alternatively, one can also go for a dry herb vaporizer to experience superior clouds and more blended taste.

Vape juice with menthol flavors can also deliver the above benefits and many more. The peppermint fragrance it releases can help you unwind and let go of the day’s challenges. Besides, it can be ticklish and hits the throat with considerable precision. If not used to having heavy flavors, you may want to back away from the menthol flavor and select a more subtle vape juice flavor.

5. Strawberry and Cream 

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These are just the flavors you need to zone out of this world. If feeling like escaping reality and building your life afresh, then these flavors will have you doing it in a matter of seconds. They explode in bliss like experience which can be overwhelming for some but welcoming to others. After stressful days at work, this kind of bliss and the perfect world is what you need.

Find the right combination of strawberries and cream before sticking to one. Ensure that the flavor can keep you busy for long periods. Also, you may decide not to stick to one but have several tastes in this combination at your disposal.

6. Chocolate chip cookie 

Love these chocolate chip flavored cookies? Well, how about having them in vape juice form. There is nothing more fulfilling than biting a chocolate chip cookie after having a busy day. It welcomes you home, making it the perfect companion.

By just feeling its fragrance, you can imagine the drizzle through the cookies and abandon any inhibitions towards cookies if there are any. These roasted flavors waft through the atmosphere making your home feel much more relaxed and homely on any occasion.


CBD vape juice flavors have different impacts on individuals. Unique individuals with similar interests might have the same preferences. However, the mix is exceptional, and only you can find what it is you desire. Sift through all flavors to first identify what they feel like. Besides, it increases your vaping experience before you discover which character pairs well with you. Keep exploring, and who knows you find the perfect flavor for yourself.

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