What makes a game legendary?

Recently, thousands of new video games have been released every year.Thousands, and only a few of them deserve attention. A huge part can be called ordinary slag and a waste of time, and some deserve the title of art. There are those you don’t mind spending your time on, they are addictive, you really want to play them again and again. Of course, the game becomes good not because of luck, but when some things are well implemented. It is thanks to several directions that a video game turns into art.


The player should not feel like a third-party piece in the game, but a real character. The player needs the feeling that they are not inside of a toy, but in real life. This is the hardest thing to achieve, but this is what makes the game exciting. Feeling you are a character, living in a different world and influencing the fate and course of history is exactly what makes a game stand out.


Graphics is the appearance of a game, and therefore a huge share of its atmosphere. Graphics must be good. And we are not talking about hyperrealism, but about the correct presentation of the atmosphere itself. An integrated color scheme which emphasizes the plot is important. The style in which the game elements are made is important. Appearance is important for the simulation effect. Good graphics – a good, properly selected design can be done without superrealism and vivid effects, it can be beautiful and atmospheric even in a pixel style. An example of this is many games on smartphones or old PC ones. Despite the progress and the presence of very realistic pictures, the graphics of many legendary old games remain pleasing to the eye and can be considered very good.


The game has its own universe. Even very “small games” have a little story the player participates in. The game world should be interesting and thoughtful. There are games that are not created for immersion in the plot, but even for these games, it is important to present their story well. Even a short one, even in one action. And the larger ones are required to transfer the player to an interesting and new world that he cannot see in reality. The plot of the game allows it to become an active book, which is read as you proceed through and from which you do not want to tear yourself away. To experience something that you can never feel in ordinary life, to feel something which can be felt only in another world is a dream of every person.


Another important component is interesting gameplay, but it can be so diverse that it makes no sense to talk about it. In the gameplay, besides interest, there should be convenience. Different bugs, too long or difficult situations are very irritating. The moments when the game itself makes it difficult to play are even more annoying. Everyone knows what it is.


And yet, the game should not be too simple or too complicated. The excitement that arises when you try to pass a stage of a game is pleasant. It is absolutely uninteresting when everything is easy and goes without problems and delays. The moment of struggle is important – the player’s struggle with something the game gives to him. Not everything should work out on the first try. The game is important to be challenging. But difficult enough to make the player fight for their desires. The situation, when you try to pass the moment for the hundredth time, but it still doesn’t work out, should not happen. Too high complexity discourages the desire to participate because the reason for playing a game mostly to relax. The high complexity of games must be left to esportsmen.

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