Unblock Streaming Anytime & From Everywhere

Are you like millions of individuals from around the world who enjoy streaming services and streaming content online? Are you tired of being locked out of your favorite streaming services and video websites based on your location?

Fortunately, there are many different solutions to help unblock streaming anytime and from just about anywhere. Once you become familiar with various tools used to unblock streaming services and websites, never find yourself stuck without your favorite shows or media again.

Solution #1: Use a Virtual Private Network

One of the best ways to unblock streaming services from any location is to purchase a VPN. A VPN, also known as a virtual private network, is a solution for individuals who wish to browse the internet anonymously and with complete and total privacy. Whenever you access the internet without a VPN, you send not only your internet provider your browser information and current location, but also any website you visit.

Most websites today collect cookies on each individual visitors they receive. Whenever you visit a new website, the website is able to identify you based on your IP address as well as your location and potentially other details including your age, name, address, and even social media accounts. When you want to browse the internet without allowing websites to collect information on you, use a VPN.

In most cases, websites that block users due so based on their location. Whenever a television show, music video, or movie is released by an entertainment company, it is done so in specific countries. A country that has not licensed the material, forbids the material, or simply has no connection to the material may not have permission to stream and view the content live. If you are living in a country that blocks various types of media due to location, using a VPN can eliminate any geo-restrictions you encounter when you are online.

When you want to bypass geo-restrictions that have been put in place by your ISP (Internet Service Provider) or even by your location, use a solid VPN, for example, FrootVPN (click to read more). Once you have a VPN in place, you have the ability to choose where your location originates from as well as your IP. Rather than showing your personal IP address and location to websites, mobile apps, and services you attempt to access, choose the location and region of your choice to help with bypassing the geo-restrictions you encounter on your preferred platforms or streaming sites.

Advantages of Using a VPN

Obtaining a VPN service you can trust has various advantages. Some of the most notable benefits of putting a VPN to use while streaming online include:

  • Security: VPN solutions are ideal for anyone who is interested in increasing their online security and the amount of privacy they have whenever they are browsing the internet. By using a random IP address and masking your personal identity, browse knowing you are protected from online thieves, hackers, and data breaches.
  • Geographic Choice: Choose any location in which you would like your IP address. Selecting the location of your IP address can help to quickly unblock any streaming site you are currently locked out of due to your country and region.

Disadvantages of a VPN

Although using a VPN is better than not using a VPN, there are a few drawbacks, which may include:

  • Slowed Response: Depending on the VPN provider you choose, you may encounter slow loading speeds while browsing the internet. If a VPN is overwhelmed or experiencing a high volume of traffic, loading times may suffer for the individual browser.
  • Device Support: Not all devices support the use of VPN services. It is important to research VPN providers before choosing one that is most suitable for you and the devices you own.
  • Cost: Unfortunately, VPNs typically require a monthly service fee. However, VPNs can be obtained for as little as a few dollars a month to help with maximizing your online security.

Use a Proxy Server Solution

Another way to access streaming websites and services from any region or geographical location is to use a proxy server solution. A proxy server works between the website you are attempting to access and yourself, providing a buffer to help with the bypassing of any geo-restrictions that are in place on your favorite media streaming websites. With a proxy server, you do not have to utilize your personal IP address and instead, the proxy server will elect and use one of its own IP addresses as it attempts to access the streaming and content websites you want to use.

Pros of a Proxy Server

Some of the advantages of using a proxy server include:

  • Cost: Some proxy servers are free of charge and can be accessed within minutes
  • IP Address: Proxy servers provide you with access to various IP addresses from its own server. When you do not have to utilize your own IP address, it increases your chances of gaining access to websites that are currently geo-restricted.

Cons of Using a Proxy Server

Like most privacy options and solutions online, proxy servers also have drawbacks. Some of the most notable drawbacks of using a proxy server include

  • Streaming Platform Problems: Unfortunately, if you intend to use a proxy server to access content such as Netflix and Hulu, you will likely encounter issues. Most often, proxy servers do not work with platforms and applications such as Hulu and Netflix and instead, work only with streaming websites that are browser-based.
  • Response Time: Using a proxy server opens you up to slow loading and response times. Because proxy servers may be used by multiple individuals simultaneously, using your preferred proxy server may result at slow loading times when accessing your preferred media websites during peak traffic times.


Learning how to unlock streaming in all regions does not require technical expertise or programming knowledge. By simply installing a VPN, using proxy servers, and even utilizing alternative browsers you can unlock the ability to access your favorite websites at any time, regardless of your location and any region restrictions your home country has in place.

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