The Batbot Xtreme is the Ultimate Toy for Your Kid

Evil is upon Gotham. The usual suspects — Joker, Harley Quinn, Bane, Two-face, and Poison Ivy — have gathered this time around to get rid of Batman once and for all so they can destroy Gotham without interference. How will Batman beat all these baddies at once?

Batbot Xtreme is the answer. Fisher Price’s DC Super Freinds Batbot Xtreme was launched in 2017 for kids between ages 3 and 8. Kids are going to love this awesome toy. They’ll get to actually become their favourite superhero and defeat the bad guys in many new ways. With so many amazing features, both boys and girls are bound to love this toy and spend the entire day having fun.

Even adults won’t be able to resist playing with the Batbot and you might even find yourself distracted from mastering your Live Roulette strategy. So what makes it so outstanding? The Batbot Xtreme is 2-feet tall; bigger and better than any toy your kid might have ever seen. The box includes:

  • 1 Batbot Xtreme Figure
  • 1 Batman Figure
  • 1 Batcycle
  • 10 Projectiles

What can it do?

This mega-mechanized suit is full of movable parts and can perform impressive functions. It’s operated by red knobs which are designed to be pedestals on which you can place the Batman figure and turn him to activate parts of the suit. You can also just use your thumb and switch it using the small levers provided.

The robot has five plastic missiles on either shoulder; in rows of three and two. The top three missiles are linked to the three buttons above and can be fired using them. The bottom two missiles are simply for storage so kids don’t run out of them instantly and can quickly reload them. Depending on how hard you hit the buttons, the projectiles can land anywhere between four to seven feet. The plastic is not too hard but could present a choking hazard for children.

The chest of the suit also pops open using another one of the red dials. Once open, it reveals a hidden elevator that kids can use to transport Batman to his seat in the suit’s head. Once he has thinned down the group of baddies, Batman can take crimefighting back to the streets on his motorcycle. The Batcycle is housed inside the left foot of the suit and can be launched using another red dial. Once pressed, a tiny door opens in the foot and the bike shoots across the floor. Kids can have Batman attached to the launching bike as well.

The suit has a host of electric options that can be activated by loading in three AAA batteries in the back. This will turn on the sound effects and the lighting that go along with the individual functions. Kids can also use the red button on the right shoulder to speak into four tiny holes and get a distorted Batman-like voice for extra fun.


You might have seen this giant, mechanized version of Batman in DC comics and cartoons, but this is the first time it has been brought to life. Suffice to say, there’s nothing to dislike about this toy and that all kids are going to have a blast with it.

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