One piece – A classic animated film of the modern era

One Piece has quite dynamic content compared to the original story. Audiences who do not need to read stories can watch and understand the content of movies. Besides, the film also is the motivation for strangers to learn about this series film. All parts of the movie are about the journey to become the Pirate King of Monkey D. Luffy. Monkey D. Luffy is the captain of the Straw Hat Pirates. Throughout the movie, Monkey D. Luffy and his friends are constantly searching for the mysterious seas which have the most large treasure in the world. The film has released 13 parts, each part is extremely loved by audience.

One piece Tube – Animated film with fresh and attractive content

Among the animated films produced based on manganese stories, One Piece can be said to be a rare success. The film is adapted from a story with the same name. This story is extremely famous and popular. Normally, animated films will not retain the essence of original story, the content will be changed to suit each situation more. However, One Piece is an exception. The details contained in the story are all beautifully presented in each episode.

One piece – You watched that you can never give up

Not only that, the One Piece animated film also appears quite a lot of new details added by the director. These details play a important role in making the film content more plentiful and well-directed by the director. So that the film content is the most suitable. Although some episodes like episode 8 and episode 9 have slightly bad content, Oda’s participation in later episodes has helped make the content of the film more and more progressive.

The image quality of the animated movie hit one piece

The unit responsible for producing the animated movie “One Piece” is Toei Animation. Since the first broadcast of the film on television, One piece has received a lot of support from fans. The film is usually broadcast on the spring holiday of Japanese students. There have been 13 episodes were on aired since 2000. Although each movie only last less than an hour and is broadcasted in parallel with other anime movies, these films are carefully produced, especially about image quality. According to anime experts, the One Piece animation has a higher image quality than the weekly shows on TV.

Source: serien stream

In some actionable scenes, clearly with the ability to shoot and post-production, the production team can create more beautiful and real scenes. However, the production team did not do well. The action scenes are not really eye-catching. Moreover, although the movie has fan service and the image is not too sensitive but cinemas often mark one piece as a movie for ages 16 and older. Therefore, this is extremely disadvantage for many young fans.

Voice quality of animated film one piece

One Piece is done by a lot of professional voice actors. For example, Vinsmoke Reiju was voiced by Michiko Neya. She is more than 50 years old and has participated in many other popular anime like Alchemist, Pokemon, Yugi Oh… Vinsmoke Ichiji was voiced by Noriaki Sugiyama. Vinsmoke Niji was voiced by 47-year-old Atsushi Miyauchi. The actor also played in Gundam, Ghost in the Shell, Yugi Oh.

There is no word that expresses the greatness of the voice actors

Most characters have been applied the most modern sound technologies by the production to edit and create each character’s voice in the most appealing and easy-to-listen way. There have been quite a number of units that have voiced the animated film but failed. The voice sound of the original One Piece version is the best, the classic version without any voice sound version can replace.

It can be said that One Piece is an indispensable film for the lives of young people. One piece brings us richness in extremely boring life. With image quality, amazing voice sound and content, One Piece always attracts viewers, the sequel of one piece will definitely make you feel satisfied. 13 episodes of One Piece have been on aired. Episodes 14 have been expected to be aired in the summer of 2019. This will definitely be a very special gift for all of us. Please wait and enjoy the One Piece to be released soon!

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