Two of the best TV Shows ever

Before the introduction of the DVR, people had to make TV watching a part of their schedule so they do not miss their favorite TV show. If you are from this period then you best understand what I mean. During this time, some shows could make you cry if you missed an episode or even just a part of the episode.

Television (TV) has always been one of the best past times for people from all over the world. In addition, who can say no to sitting in front of the TV and just getting entertained without lifting a finger?  Even though hundreds of shows have graced our screens over time, there are those shows that you can hardly forget about. These shows deserve the title ‘classic shows’. Below are some of these shows.

1. Game of Thrones

It can be argued that HBO has never had a show as good as Game of Thrones. The show has practically turned the network into a rating monster with the number of viewers who tune in when it airs. The show is based on a series of novels written by George R.R. Martin.

One of the reasons why the show has managed to capture audiences and keep them glued to their screens is the show’s vast cast of characters, sex, a ton of violence and conflicts and the captivating mix of regal politics and fantasy. The surprise death of characters just adds to the fun as viewers are left on the edge of their sits waiting if their favorite character is going to die. The kind of adrenaline that this show gives the viewers is almost the same as the adrenaline rush one gets when playing poker online.

2. Friends

Since the first episode aired on NBC in 1994, forgetting the six friends who lived in New York has proved to be a challenge to the tons of lovers of this American sitcom. Produced by Bright/Kauffman/Crane Productions in collaboration with Warner Bros, Friends was so popular that it made NBC, the network that aired it, very popular throughout the 90s. Through the show, we got some amazing breakout stars like Jenifer Aniston who went on to become an A-list movie star.

The way the show mixed seriousness with silliness combined with the palette of characters, which provided every viewer with a character that they could relate to, are some of the main reasons why the show became so popular and an all-time favorite show. Friends were also very close to reality and therefore viewers could easily identify with the characters. Even though the characters faced different challenges, they remained cheerful and had each other to share their daily struggles with. Viewers could, therefore, learn a lot from the characters, as they were entertained.


So many shows have graced our TV but when it comes to popularity, the Game of Thrones ad Friends take the cake. These two shows will forever go into history as the shows with the highest number of viewers. Television provides both great and boring shows. Therefore, in case a boring show is airing, you can make use of the time by taking part in poker online.

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