Top 5 Smart Watches to buy under $150

Smart watches are a wearable technology friendly device. It not just shows us time but also gives us information about our heartbeat, walk rating, and also act as Bluetooth too. smartwatches are actually a very great creation with so many features in one. We all think that wearable computing devices don’t look good much. But smartwatches actually complete our attire to the best. We look classier whenever we wear a watch in our hand. But it’s a myth that people think watches are not of much use. They think that it is a waste of money and also it costs a fortune, but that’s not true. We can also buy watches which are reasonable and looks decent at the same time. Also, there are so many watches that can also connect to our smartphones, helps to know about our calls, messages, and e-mails. With time as computer shrink its size, technology is being worn in our hands now.

Now the question arises is where to find such watches and that too at reasonable prices. So here we are to help you get watches which are just under $150. You might be thinking that even $150 is so costly as we can buy a month grocery material by that. But these watches are worth the price with amazing looks and functions at the same time.


When we buy a watch, it should be like all in one and here we are with a model which is having almost everything like all day heart rate and activity tracking, sleep monitoring, calories burnt, GPS, ultra-long battery life, Bluetooth, us service and warranty. There are so many colors available in this model as it is focused on functions as well as it looks. Colors that are available – Kokoda green, cinnabar red, onyx black, and white cloud. It is a very light weighted watch so that you can carry easily on your wrist without feeling anything. It can go for like 30 days just by charging it for 2.5 hours. It is just a perfect device that you can get to keep you organized and productive all day.

You can grab this beautiful functional watch just at $79.96 on Amazon.


A very beautiful watch that can be used by both girls and boys. Also, it is available in many vibrant colors like p9nk, purple, blue, silver, and black. Not only just looks but also it is very functional. It can check the whole day heartbeat rate, blood pressure, sleep monitoring, activity tracker. It is all made with a special quality of being IP67 waterproof. It can get connected both with your Android or IOS phones. Also, it is having a durable TPU strap, anti-scratch tempered glass and well-crafted alloy watch case. Also, by this watch you will never miss any update from your smartphone- it will give notifications about all your calls, messages, SMS and many other APPs that are linked with your watch.

So, now you can take away this amazing smartwatch from Amazon just at $79.50.


A sports watch is a must and hence it is needed by almost everyone. And here we are with an Altimeter, barometer, pedometer, thermometer, and compass wristwatch. You can now grab this wonderful smartwatch with highest reviews just at $150 with free shipping from gear best store. also, you can get its best price by availing gear best promo code. Black fashionable color is available in this watch with amazing features.


It is a smartwatch with 1.4-inch OLED Display. It is compatible with Android, google assistant, and IOS. Not just with functions but also its charms with its look at its best. Also, it is available in 6 different beautiful colors on Amazon. It is android wear 2.0, that means you can get your favorite apps and can get updated with the same too, you can request car ride, explore your neighbors, get proper updates about your calls, SMS etc, basically there is no limit of benefits that you get from your tic watch e. also now you can bring your google assistant to your wrist. You can do all your work even when your hands are full just by using google assistant om your wrist. There is so much to tell about this watch.

So, go and explore more about this beautiful watch whose pricing is capped at $129.99 after availing 19% discount.


This beautiful watch is available in two colors with amazing features filled in it. As it is a smartwatch you can get all the updates from your phones directly on the screen of the watch. It is compatible with both Android and IOS. Also, it can work as a Bluetooth by using android OS 4.4. it is having a distinctive steel bezel that we can rotate to get access towards all the notifications. Its battery type and size are 380mah Li-ion. It is also water, dust, occasional drop and extreme temperature resistant. It is having a large strap of 2.76 inches with 5.12 inches holes. All the information that is being given is actually very satisfying.

So, hurry up, stand and buy this multi-functional wrist watch, also with amazing looks just at $149.55 from Amazon after availing 50% discount.

Smart watches are actually a very decent accessory to our whole attire. Many people think that it is not much worth. But let me tell you, it actually gives you a very classy look and also at the same time helps with many other things. We all our rational consumers and hence wants to buy the best things at the lowest prices. And hence we came up with the above list so that you can buy the best watches and that too at such low rates. Also, the best way to buy smartwatches is at the time of sale. So, keep yourself updated and go and grab some amazing accessory for you that you can show off At your next party.

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