Is Card Counting in Blackjack Illegal?

Card counting is a long-standing practice in a world of casino. Also whether this game strategy is legal or illegal has triggered hot debates over time with players taking the legal side while casino service providers are taking the illegal divide. Today we answer this question of legal or illegal in the most objective way to wrap up the already existing notion.

Let’s delve into the details of this technique in Blackjack to establish grounds. So what is card counting in Live Blackjack? This simply put, is a strategy employed by the Blackjack casino fraternity to determine whether the next move bears the likelihood of an added advantage to the player or dealer. This means that players keep track of the high-value cards to stay positively skewed to the bigger wins side.

How Does Card Counting Operate?

The strategy basically entails the systematic determination of the ratio of high cards to low cards. The aim is to deal out the low cards and increase the chances of winning with the high cards. In Blackjack casino, it is to the player’s advantage when more aces and 10 value cards are left in the shoe. The card counting strategy enables dealers or players to bet more with minimal risk when the count bears an advantage and also keeps down the losses when the count is unfavourable. The practice also alters the player’s decision in line with what constitutes of the remaining cards.

Is it, therefore, illegal to strategically plan your bets towards huge wins? Well, it’s not illegal in the biggest sense. However, the practice is treated with alt of scolding from casino service providers since it places a gamble to the casino’s house edge. Just like any business setting, the casino house edge exists to guarantee the owners some level of advantage against the players. This house advantage is what forms the casino profit margins.

What counting cards may do, ultimately, is reduce the casino’s inherent house advantage which in its own is not a crime. It only becomes illegal when you adopt a computerized algorithm to determine high-value cards which is almost entirely impossible on any gambling platform. Card counting is a tough sill mastered over a long time of intense training and experience. It thus involves a great memory and numeracy, an acute vision and even an aural observation to achieve a gaming advantage successfully.

Is Card Counting Statutory Illegal or Legal

Speaking under statutory provisions, this game strategy is not illegal under the British state, neither is it under the federal state or under the local laws of the US, provided that no external card counting devices or persons are employed to assist the dealers.

Casinos frown at card counting because it violates the unwritten law that the casino should have a predetermined house advantage. Being a card counter, you are therefore most likely to encounter a bitter reception at any casino platform. It is a common practice for casinos to harass, ban or even deal with card counters unlawfully to secure their house advantage.

Some jurisdiction protects counters from bans by casino providers. Extreme cases of bans have even reached the heights of heated court battles. A clear example is the Atlantic City Casinos in the US State of New Jersey. These casinos are forbidden from barring skilled players to the extent of their own judgement. The decision of whether to ban or not ban a skilled player was passed down to the New Jersey Casino Control Commission. However, these casinos have doubled their use of countermeasures to curb the card counting practice still.

Under Nevada jurisdiction, it is not illegal to engage in card counting. However, it is a felony to use external aids such as devices and persons. Nevada courts have, however, on many occasions sided with the casino providers mostly for economic reasons.

Final Word

In conclusion, we wish to make certain the following assertions about the question of legality and illegality of this strategy in Blackjack:

  • This technique is not illegal. It is not fraud either. It is rather your brain at its best.
  • Those who engage in card counting do not alter any of the gaming rules or settings. They simply play it as it is offered.
  • Casinos may ban you from playing should you be identified as a counter. Yes, they will because your skills will put them at a losing end.
  • You can achieve  huge wins by counting cards
  • This technique is a skill you can learn and master over time.

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