When You Really Do Want to Netflix and Chill: 10 Tips to Get You Settled for Binge-Watching

You’ve probably read about the fancy ways you can optimize your Netflix experience. However, this is NOT your average how-to guide. We are going to give a detailed step by step playbook of how to become a proper binge-watching couch potato. All you need to do is follow these rules, and you’ll be Netflix and Chilling like a pro. Without further ado, these are the magic steps.

1. Netflix Enhancement Suite for the Sheer Purpose of Watching Trailers

Before the big night, all you Chillers have a couple of chores. The first is to download the Netflix Enhancement Suite so that you can watch the trailers of anything that might catch your eye. The last thing you want is to be pumped up for a movie and then find out it’s nothing that you were looking forward to.

2. Spend an Afternoon and Add Things to “Your List”

Your list is not complete in any way if it does not have at least 20 “Must Sees” and 10 “Yeah, I Wanna See That,” especially if you’ve got friends coming over. However, if there’re problems while choosing what to binge on, here are a few helpful options to help you solve the issue.

  •         Reddit – Recommendations from fans all over regarding the best of Netflix
  •         What’s on Netflix – Simply search favorite categories for a bit: Romance, Comedy, Horror, etc.
  •         Netflix Roulette – Use it and make your life easier. Choose a genre, actor, or a theme and spin the roulette. While all the options might not be satisfying, this simple tool can defuse massive feuds in a matter of moments.

3. Use Netflix codes

Everybody knows that the most annoying part of binge watching is choose what to actually watch. While Netflix recommendations are fine, there’s a better way to make that daunting decision, and it’s called Netflix codes. Using these somewhat secret codes you can explore niche genres. You can zero in your search on anything from Cult-Horror flicks to Spaghetti Westerns. Here’s an awesome list of various codes for any genre lover!

4. Kick Friends off Account and Invite them Over Instead

Sharing your account is caring, for sure; however, eventually, none of your friends will show up for your regularly-scheduled binge marathon if they can simply do it on their own using your account. Lock them out and invite them over. It might seem rude, but the intent is purely good. Your friends will get it.

5. Use your phone as a backup remote

Losing your remote could turn out to be a hell on earth. To eliminate any chances of that happening turn your smartphone into a backup one. The Netflix iOS app can connect with select TVs and media players, which lets you use your smart device as a remote controller. Android users can connect their phones to a PS3, PS4, PS4 Pro, or PS Vita, which also allows them to use it as a remote. The only thing you need to make sure is that all devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi Network.

6. Set up Closed Caption in advance

As writers, we are very particular about catching every line, nuance, metaphor, in everything we watch. The feeling of being the first one to “get” the joke is like nothing else. That’s why we insist on having the closed caption on at all times. (On a side note, as an ex-English and Reading teacher, I’d recommend parents to turn on the captions for their kids as that can exponentially improve their linguistic skills). Netflix even offers subtitles in a variety of languages, which encourages users to read along.

7. Volume Control/ Noise Canceling Headsets

A noise-canceling headset is a must-have if you want to be a pro at Netflix and Chill. While you might not use it when you’re all alone, noise-canceling headphones could prove to be a lifesaver, especially if you have chatty friends over.  Another way to deal with a noisy company is to turn down the overall volume below the comfortable hearing range. Do that, and you’ll be surprised with the results.

8. Snacks

What is a movie marathon without treats? Everyone loves popcorn and nachos, so you can’t possibly go wrong having these on your side; however, the all-time best Netflix snack is lightly buttered popcorn sprinkled with Reese’s Pieces. While it the tip might be redundant, it’s too important to skip.

9. Download your shows and movies

A few years back Netflix introduced its users with an ability to download content locally for offline viewing. While this feature might not be used all that often, it can be a lifesaver. In an unlikely event of your Internet connection going down, you’d have nothing to worry about since all the shows and movies you were planning to binge on would be on your computer.

10. Blankets & Pillows

You’re almost ready to click play. Once you take care of everything we’ve talked about before, the final step is to find the most comfortable position and over stuff it with pillows. Remember to open a window for some fresh air, and you’re good to go. Once you’re done with your binge-session, reschedule, and repeat all these steps.

Bottom Line

The night is on. The preparation and hard work have all led up to this magic moment. It’s everything you wanted, so take a moment and enjoy it as best you can. Those treasurable times are rare, to say the least. Hopefully, these steps were helpful, and you’re having the best of time.

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