How to Pick the RIght Event Coverage Company For You

Event coverage is one of the most overlooked parts of event planning and most people focus on other aspects such as catering and venue and forget event coverage. Currently, there are many event coverage companies in the market targeting different market segments. Event coverage companies offer numerous services to consumers ranging from photography to live blog. Nevertheless, some people prefer to do it themselves and cover the event using their phones and laptops rather than hiring an event coverage company, which is economical.

Whether it’s a corporate or personal event, event coverage purposes to offer high quality visual, audio, and video solutions to clients to capture an event’s key moments. Many people ask, “How do I pick the right event coverage company for me?” The right event coverage company has to meet various specifications that are important to you considering that the audio, video, and photos are the only part of the event that will last forever.


Here are a few tips on how to choose the right event coverage company that meets your needs.

1. Consider your Requirements

People have different reasons for hiring event coverage companies and hence it is essential to determine why you want to hire one. Before choosing an event coverage company, should decide on the intent of covering the event. Is it to create memories or for branding purposes? Importantly, it is vital to determine the use of the photos and videos after the event. Do you intend to use them for marketing activities or post them on social media? Phoenix Production Services is an example of an event coverage company that ensures that client’s needs and expectations are met.

2. Cost

Different event coverage companies charge different prices for their services. A good event coverage company should stay within your budget to avoid going above your budget. Therefore, it is advisable to shop around for event coverage companies and their costs and then select the one that fits your budget.

3. Quality of Output

As much as it is important to consider the cost of the coverage, it is also vital to consider the quality of output. Although one can shop for an event coverage company based on price, the quality should also be a guiding factor. Do not compromise on quality in search of cheaper options because events are a one-off thing.

4. Review the Company’s Portfolio

Before picking the right event coverage company, it is fundamental to review their previous work to have a glimpse of the work they have delivered to clients in the past. A company’s portfolio should not be merely a collection of nice images in different genres but a portfolio related to event coverage. After reviewing the company’s previous work, you may decide whether to offer them the job or not.

5. Get Details on Coverage Delivery

In this factor, you ask questions such as how soon will the coverage be delivered and who will deliver it? It is essential to know after what duration to expect your video coverage and photos and who will be responsible for delivery.

The event coverage market is over-flooded and it is a daunting task to search for an event coverage company for your personal or corporate event. Among the factors that you should consider when picking an event coverage company include your requirements, cost, quality of output, company’s portfolio, and coverage delivery.

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