The Power, Full Of Tender And Empathy: How To Stand Out In Business Writing With Contrasts 

We will start with the brief exercise for your imagination. Imagine you are at the zoo, watching zebras. Suddenly you see a green parrot on the head of one animal. We think you will be intrigued by the question what this bird is doing here. And now you are in the same zoo, but watching the cage of green parrots. You will be amazed, but not intrigued and you will not ask yourself anything. Now you understand what does the contrast mean. This is a tiny detail that grabs your attention and keeps you focused. And you can use it for the business writing and in your personal notes. Let’s discover how, if you are a blog writer.

Make Your Headlines Outstanding

Per example, “My Experience Of The Horribly Good Las-Vegas Churches Trip” contains two contrasts and grabs attention with the doubled force. The primary one is about “horribly good” part, two adjectives meaning different states are standing together creating an enhancement. The second is “Las-Vegas churches”. For many Vegas means gambling, partying, visiting nightclubs. This headline invites to discover different, part of the city, usually hidden from the eyes of regular tourists. The reader is intrigued and wants to read or at least open up an article.

Creating The Persuading Content

To sell something, highlight the transformation your reader achieves after buying your product. Per example, “Turning Your Body Into The Thankful Instrument In Two Weeks On The Contemporary Dance Workshop In Paris”. The headline might inspire and seduce. Using the contrast into the selling emails, headlines, website content etc will make your offer special. Use the contrasts not only in the description but to describe the scene. If you need to create the advertising text, use the scene description to immerse the reader in the story.

Use the contrast to create the tension. Keep the reader focused. This is the only way to make the text immersive and interesting.

Understand Your Customer

Consider your customers are not buying the products, they are purchasing the quality of life. Describe the quality of improved, life to your customers. Persuade your future clients and immerse them in the new world. To describe the improved quality of life after some purchase, start with the description of the current problem your customers are experienced. Google about the needs of the target groups, or even consult the marketing consultant for an analysis if you work in some big company. Use the contrast between the life they have and the life they can have with your product or a service. This is the contrast between what is and what could be. Describe the profits and the changes that could happen. Per example, it could be the self-confidence, the self-love, the social status person will gain after purchasing the product. It can be something like: are you tired from the early wakeups and working for the boss? Try our course How To Become A Top Freelancer Within Two Month Of Practice, and forget about working in the office.

Use an empathy and understanding to offer new life to your valuable customer. Persuade your customer that he deserves everything the best. Delight the fact that there is no need to get used to the pain points, triggering on a daily basis. Provide your clients with the fact that there is a perfect way and it can be achieved with your help easily. Good luck, dear article writers!

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