Games you should Check out in December

December heralds the festive season and lot of exciting opportunities await the gaming lovers. Black Friday has brought out some amazing video games that will keep you hooked through the holiday season. Most of the online casinos UK keep themselves upgraded with the latest and popular games across the globe so that you can immerse yourself and earn the best rewards to take home this time of the year. With the newly launched games, thrill becomes a virtual reality and not only consoles but also across online casinos UK.

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If you are on the look-out for a one-stop shop that offers all updated online slots, scratch cards and live casino games, you don’t have to look beyond, just log on to this website ( and get started playing various casino games online. With an array of games featuring on online casino UK list, you can test your skills on the free play mode before deciding to play with real money. Some games that have hit the markets and you could consider eyeing is as follows:

1. Doom VFR: Developed by Id Software in 2016, Doom online casino UK game received a lot of attention owing to its fast multiplayer features and SnapMap mode. It allows players to enjoy the cybernetic model of playing the survivor on a mission to save the planet from destruction. The latest version enables players to explore areas of the Union Aerospace Corporation Mars not found in the original game. Instead of the usual joystick and keyboard, the VFR features “teleportation and jet strafe movement” that help players to get over possible motion sickness assisted with playing such fast-paced VR games.

2. The Xenoblade Chronicles: Produced by Monolith Soft, it is one of the best role-playing online casino UK games. It features the giant creatures known as Titans with the story focussing on a hero named Rex who is on a mission to escort a girl to the paradise. In the form of a “driver” Rex combats enemy attacks with his additional abilities given to him in the form of “blades.”

3. Curse of Osiris: This is a first-person shooter game and an expansion to “Destiny 2”. The latest version of Curse of Osiris seeks to introduce a new area on Mercury termed as the “Infinite Forest” where the Guardians to Mercury are on a mission aimed at stopping an enormous invasion of machines from both past and future. Here Vanguard Osiris features as the hope to succeed.

4. Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds: Premised on a gameplay, this online casino UK game involves dropping around hundred players into a massive battlefield forcing them to fight till they die. It is full of entertainment with opportunities of ambushing enemies, hurling hit and run attacks and much more.

Most of the online casinos UK games on the hit list include names such as Bravo Team, Gang Beasts, Okami HD, Fallout 4 VR, the End is High and many more. While the endless games expected to be released in December compatible on Xbox One, PC and PS4 gadgets, you can keep yourself updated with the online casinos UK to check for any of these versions bringing the best Christmas entertainment package and deal for you.

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