Las Vegas’ Concert Line-Up for Spring 2017 is a Hot One!

Las Vegas’ Concert Line-Up for Spring 2017 is a Hot One!

 Las Vegas has structured itself as one of the hottest places to see a concert. Like everything with Vegas they always go big! When you visit Vegas these days, you know not only need to gamble but also catch a show as well. Las Vegas also has numerous resident performers, some permanent, with some of the biggest names in the business right on the Strip. Some of this years headliners include Reba McEntire with Brooks and Dunn, Britney Spears, Santana, Celine Dion, Jennifer Lopez and Elton John and many more.

Reba McEntire with Brooks and Dunn are in town on Feb 22-25th and also Mar 1-4th at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace. Britney Spears on Mar 22-31st at The Axis at Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino. Santana is performing May 17-27th at the House of Blues. Celine Dion is also at the The Colosseum on Apr 4-22nd. Jennifer Lopez will also be in town at The Axis on Feb 10-25th and also May 24-31st. Last but definitely not least Elton John just started one of his two sets of dates Feb 7-20th and Apr 25-May 5th at The Colosseum.

The Colosseum at Caesars Palace was first opened in 2003 and has been named “Best of Las Vegas” by the Las Vegas Review-Journal. This has always been one of my favorite places to see a show! Everyone from Cher to Rod Stewart to Bette Milder and Mariah Carey has been here. Elton John has had two shows over the years, “The Red Piano Tour” and “The Million Dollar Piano”, since he started headlining in Vegas back in 2004. The prize goes to Celine Dion who started in 2003 with her show “A New Day”, which ran till 2007. Her current show “Celine” which started in 2011 is one not to be missed for sure, whether you are a fan of her or not. Reba McEntire and Brooks & Dunn’s “Together In Vegas” is one of Vegas’ newest acting starting back in 2015 and whether you are a country fan of not, this show is a ton of fun!

So whether you are aiming to hit the black jack table or recovering from a wild night out playing at online casino UK, the need to catch a show has become a must do! These venues are outstanding and the sound presentations are unlike any other venue that I have been to. Whether you are into Rock, Alternative, Metal, R&B, Country this Spring there is no shortage of outstanding bands and singers on tour.

Vegas is one hell of a growing market as well. I have visited for nearly two decades now and I remember it back in the 90’s and then when you visit today, the whole city has evolved. I have a feeling that it will continue to evolve as well. So whether you prefer to play the slots on the hotel floor or on your computer, Vegas is going to be the place to visit and get all the coolest concerts and plenty of new changes over the years!

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