UltraSabers’ Renegade Crossguard Saber

Unless you actually are from a galaxy far, far, away, you’re probably as excited as I am that we’re less than a month away from the next installment of Star Wars with JJ Abrams’s The Force Awakens. In light of its eminent release, the new owners of the franchise have already ramped up its presence with all types of merchandise featuring the new characters and droids. Still, the connective bit of technology from every episode of the Star Wars universe is the classic lightsaber. “Not as clumsy or random as a blaster…” you know the rest.

Late last year the internet lit up when new character Kylo Ren’s lightsaber debuted in the first TFA trailer with its unique crossguard, or ‘triple blade’ (or as Stephen Colbert broke it down, maybe one single beam?) lightsaber. Naturally lightsaber replica companies have gotten to work on this. One such saber comes from UltraSabers in the form of the Renegade Crossguard Saber, a model inspired by Kylo Ren’s. I received one to review this holiday-Star Wars season and with Black Friday on the horizon, it’s worth checking out for the Star Wars fans on your list.

Features of this saber as listed by UltraSabers:

  • The hilt is made of high-quality aircraft aluminum
  • The blades are made of polycarbonate
  • LED lightbulbs illuminate the blades
  • Powered by 4 AAA batteries (included)

This saber was simple to put together once I quickly received it from the company—something they’re reportedly good about—coming with the hilt and blades separately. The blades are just slipped into the emitters and tightened into place with the small alan wrench that is included.

My first impression of this model was it’s pretty weighty. The hilt with the triple blades is suitably intimidating to look at but with the added metal at the handle, holding onto it is something akin to wielding a broad sword. In other words, something you might take some time to get used to or you’re going to need to grip it with two hands. Which, as I understand it was the rule on the original Star Wars trilogy, so there you go. That said, the blades are very sturdy and could take a fair amount of hits. I’m not advocating all out warfare with an expensive model like this, but a duel or two surely wouldn’t damage it.

At a price point of $214 for this model, with additional fees if you’d like to add more customization such as sounds and color changing blades, you could really go all out for the biggest Star Wars fan in your life. It’s incredibly satisfying to take ahold of this model and for people looking to be photographed in all their dark-sided glory, UltraSabers has got you covered. I mean…

Photogenic as hell. May the force be with you.

For all UltraSabers products, visit their website here.