When and what can we expect from the new iPhone?

When and what can we expect from the new iPhone?


It has been nearly two years since the release of the iPhone 6. Apple fans have been waiting for a while for the next big thing in terms of smart phones from the company. Everyone can rejoice though because there will be an iPhone 7 coming! But the bad news is that it won’t be available until October 2016.

There are already tons of rumors hitting the internet of what to expect. A big one is that the iPhone 7 will be losing its headphone socket. Why? Well it takes up a lot of space and could be used better with adding more battery for example. No fear though music lovers because the lightning connector already supports audio, so it wouldn’t be that bad.

Honestly, I think it is time that the phone gets a new design, there has been takes about it happening since Apple might be leaning towards a new 3-yearly cycle for major design changes. So we will see as more information leaks. One major feature it needs to take after the Samsung S7 will be waterproofing. Apple is way behind the mark on this one and definitely needs to include this.

In terms of gaming, this latest iPhone will launch with iOS 10 and if you are looking for variants of bingo games in the App Store, you will be playing with more powerful hardware that is said to be included. Other new features from Apple is they are looking to enhance the camera experience and include more functionality of the 3D Touch display. So plenty to look forward to as long as you don’t mind waiting till October!

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