Interview with Eddie Griffin

Interview with Eddie Griffin

Eddie Griffin is known best for his role in the “Deuce Bigalow” films and “Undercover Brother”. Besides movies, Eddie is constantly touring his comedy Stand-up act. His most recent comedy special “You Can Tell ‘Em I Said It” premiered on Comedy Central on February 19, 2011. Media Mikes was able to get a quick chat with Eddie about his films and also his stand-up.

Mike Gencarelli: You are constantly on the road touring standup, what do you enjoy most about it?
Eddie Griffin: The thrill of the ride. Meaning, I don’t write any material, so when I step on stage it’s like I’m stepping on a thrill ride.

MG: How do you prepare for each show and what is your inspiration for new material?
EG: I don’t prepare for any shows. I just go out there and do it. My material comes from real life experiences that happen everyday.

MG: Tell us about your recent special “You Can Tell ‘Em I Said It” ? Any more planned?
EG: My last special “You Can Tell ‘Em I Said It” was just me talking about everything that was in the news and was on my mind from last year. Yes I am planning another one now, but i haven’t come up with a name for it yet – taking suggestions.

MG: Do you have a preference between stand-up or film/tv?
EG: I prefer the stage because I ultimately write it –freelancing it. TV/film is different because you have to take someone else’s words/character and bring it to life.

MG: Why haven’t we ever seen a sequel to “Undercover Brother”? Solid!
EG: Universal Studios decision – not mine. I’m always ready to get back in the wig!!!

MG: Tell us about your upcoming film “hillbilly highway”?
EG: That was just a cameo I did with my writing partner Damon “Coke” Daniels (who co-wrote “My Baby Daddy” with me). It’s about these hillbilly’s who try to steal weed from a medicinal plant and it doesn’t turn out so well for them.

MG: Tell us about your production comedy front of the bus and what else you have planned?
EG: I have a few scripts at the gate waiting to be let loose, and i will speak more about them when the time is right… but I will tell you they are comedies that i wrote.

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